Security of our application, & our Customers, is a serious matter for us! If you are a Security Researcher or an Expert on security and you believe that you have identified any security-related vulnerability, bug or issue in our Website, Services, Application or Mobile App, then we request you to disclose it responsibly.

Responsible Disclosure & Bug Bounty Program

Maintaining top-notch security is a community effort, and we are lucky to have a vibrant group of independent Security Researchers who volunteer their time to help us spot potential issues. To recognize and appreciate their efforts for the important role that they play in improving our secure & improving the privacy of our Customers, we maintain a program.

If you believe that you have discovered a potential security vulnerability or bug which may be exploited by malicious entities then please report it through our SafeHats portal, which is where we run this program.

Responsible Disclosure Policy

We believe that an effective disclosure requires mutual respect and transparency between Researchers and our InfoSec Team. Please read our Policy, Terms, Scope, Eligibility, Rewards, and more on our SafeHats portal. This portal allows both sides to interact with each other for mutual gain.

EMI & Cashback T&C

  • - The cashback offer is valid exclusively on HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Cards 
  • - The cashback offer is valid for transactions made using Brand EMI option on Pine Labs Payment getaway at checkout .
  • - The cashback shall be credited within 120 business days from the last date of the transaction month on a best effort basis to all open and active card members accounts only.
  • - No Extra Cost EMI is also applicable on HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Card EMI transactions on 6 month tenures only.
  • - In case of refund, though the amount is credited back to the customer’s card, the EMI closure will only happen after customer communicates the same to the bank for the same. Customer will specifically need to communicate to the banks the intent of the EMI loan closure.
  • - Also if customer fails to communicate the same to bank, the interest amount that bank will keep levying will be borne by the customer.
  • - Foreclosure or any other charges, if any which are levied by the customer’s bank, will need to be borne by the customer.